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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Somehow managed to delete this by accident!

Albuquerque, NM
Memorial Day 2013!
Got to Alb in great time!  Nice drive.  Leaving early works well, and having the kids eat breakfast in the car.  Will do that again for sure!  Setting up the RV is down to an art.  Takes us..under an hour, I think.  Then the kids swam for about a half hour, but it was too windy and chilly.  So I did laundry, and then we decided on a treat…eating out!  We went to Golden Corral. First time for all but Steve and Mariah, and WOW, were we thrilled!  Everything was good, and we ate till we were stuffed, then home to put the kids to bed.
Next day, we decided on the Albuquerque Bio Park.  Zoo, Aquarium and Botanical Gardens.  Well, it was AWESOME!  A bit spendy, but SO worth it.  We never even MADE it to the Botanical Gardens, either, except the part where the train does a loop through, lol.  The zoo was awesome.  Really nice habitats, where you could really see everything, but the animals looked like they had plenty of room, and stuff to do.  Running water, like streams, in every enclosure.  Lots of baby animals.  Giraffe, Orangutang, prairie dogs, elephant…  The reptile house is big, with LOTS of awesome stuff.  Mostly venomous, which the kids loved of course.  Wolves.  So much!  And then you ride a train (included if you buy the combined ticket for all 3 attractions) the 2.5 miles to the aquarium.  Again, WOW.  Really great, especially once you get to the bottom level where they have the shark tank, with the sea turtles.  Everyone was in awe.  Lee was the first one around the corner to see it, and just started yelling “Mommy!  Sharks, I see sharks!  Daddy!  SHARKS!”  It was really great.
Next day was boring really, lol.  Groceries and such.  Stopped at Camping World for some roof patch, walked through a nice motorhome.  A Seneca.  Maybe someday…  And with that, New Mexico was over!

Amarillo, TX
Thursday, we left Albuquerque for Amarillo, TX.  Not a bad drive, left early with muffins for breakfast in the car.  As we got into Amarillo, we saw Cadillac Ranch!!!  Steve was thrilled, as that was on his bucket list.  SO we parked the RV at the park (not a fancy place, lol, but cheap) and went to Walmart to get some spray paint then back we went.  Sprayed cars, lots of pics, great time was had by all.  Then we decided to splurge on a burger place I’d heard of but never been…Whataburger!  Oh, very good.  We enjoyed that a lot.

Sherman Tx
Friday, May, 31.
We decided NOT to stay in Amarillo another day.  Nothing we wanted to see really, and my good friend was having a graduation party for her daughter the next day that we wanted to get to.  Long drive, but we made it all the way to Sherman in about 6 hours.  The drive was beautiful!  We thought Tx was all desert, but turns out it’s got some amazing gorgeous green areas.  Especially fell in love with St Jo, which looks like a movie set town!
 Set up in record time, then off to visit!  Had a wonderful few days visiting a friend I’d never before met in person.  I’m going to miss her, and her whole family.  They were lots of fun!  After worrying that it wouldn’t be “the same”, finally meeting in person, it was better.  Just like being with family.  So comfortable, joking and laughing and relaxing.  The kids got along great, too.  It was a wonderful break from our travels.
Sunday the 2nd we decided to go into DFW.  The kids had specially requested a trip to the McDonalds shaped like a Happy Meal, so that was our lunch destination.  Funny for looking so odd on the outside, the inside was fancy shmancy!  Crystal, wood seating, nice…very little plastic.  And the play area was much bigger than we were used to!  The kids had fun for a bit, then we headed out to see the cattle drive in Forth Worth.  Got there in time to walk a bit, see the shops, buy postcards, see the train…and the cattle drive.  Smaller than I’d hoped, but still worth seeing.  Those longhorns are gorgeous!! 
After some shopping and visiting, Tuesday morning was it.  Time to go.  Hugs and love to my friend and her family.  We all made friends, even Jack, who is hard to win over!  And Sasha now wants a piano…and Mariah wants to join Civil Air Patrol after visiting it with my friends girls…

West Monroe, LA
Another longer drive, but such gorgeous scenery!  The green, the trees, the vines…  Beautiful!  I love trees and green, so we are definitely getting into my kind of environment!
The park here is nice enough.  Would be better if the pool wasn’t out of commission.  They found a crack in it just this week, so no swimming.  Waaah.  Especially with this humidity and heat!  We will adjust, I’m sure, but it is a HUGE change! 
Got here and set up, and just hung out in the trailer in the a/c for the evening.  Just too hot to do anything.  Then, after a good nights sleep, we were off and running!
First was Duck Commander.  We all love to watch Duck Dynasty, so getting to take pics here, and get a shirt for Dad and his collection, was a big deal.  Sadly, none of the stars were there, but we didn’t really expect them to be. 
Next was the farmers market.  Not huge, but nice.  Got some delicious peaches, green beans for dinner, and fresh (not roasted) peanuts.  Very different, but not bad.  Mariah LOVES them.  Cool to try new stuff, you know?  And again…those peaches! 
Last but certainly not least, the Beidenharn Museum!  Neat place.  First, it’s a coca cola museum, since the Biedenharns were the first to bottle coca cola.  They even sell Coke in bottles for .05 each during the tour, from an old fashioned vending machine!  That was awesome (though I paid for the caffeine that night, let me tell you!).  During that part of the tour, they explain all about the bottling, how it came about, how they do it, etc.  Neat.  Second part of the tour is the gardens, and then their home, which has been kept as it was decades ago.  Gorgeous, and the ladies doing the tour had great stories to tell!  And then lastly, Emmy Lou Biedenharn had a Bible collection, which you get to tour.  Awesome.  Had a leaf from a Gutenburg Bible, lots of old and unique Bibles, etc.  And some other cool stuff, like ancient greek jugs, Biblical coins…neat stuff.
After that, it was time to come home for a late lunch, and relaxing again.  The kids rode bikes around and read and such.  Nice day.  Its awesome to be out of the wind finally, so I can grill.  Steaks were delicious for dinner again!
That night, I was up for hours, and was treated to something new.  A Southern storm!  Lightning.  Thunder.  It went on for hours, with some rain in there, too.  Gosh, that was amazing!  Loved it!
The next day was Thursday, and it seemed like a good day to hang out and relax (and do some laundry), since it seemed more storms were coming.  None ended up hitting us really, but the kids rode bikes, played pool, watched a movie and we all generally did nothing for the day.  After an early bedtime, it’ll be time to head to Mississippi in the morning!

The end of the journey

Lake Okatibbee, Meridian, Mississippi
Lake Okatibbee was a whim.  In looking at rv parks along our route, I couldn’t find anyplace that looked awesome, but this looked ok.  Steve likes lakes a lot, and it had a small water park nearby, so…why not?  Well, when we got off the freeway, and the GPS said 25 miles more (the internet said 9 miles off the freeway), I got nervous.  Thought about finding a different park…was afraid we were getting lost…the roads were narrow, and up and down and twisty…but we stuck it out, and are SO glad we did!  One of the best places we stayed!
First, it’s very treed.  It’s on a lake, in the woods, big spots, lots of room and peace and quiet.  Little swingset, not much to speak of.  And the lake is DOWNHILL (more of a cliff than a hill), at least in the area we were in, which made me nervous.  But it was so beautiful and relaxing.
So, Saturday morning, we went to town first.  I had found out about an old working grist mill at an old general store, so we made a drive.  The store was awesome, and the lady running it was great.  Told us lots of stories about the history of the store and such.  Unfortunately, due to new govt regulations and insurance, she can’t run the gristmill much anymore, so we didn’t get to see that.  And she was out of hoop cheese, which we’d wanted to try.  But she had fresh roasted peanuts, and soda in glass bottles, and fabulous history to share, so it was worth it.
Then, after a stop for groceries, and lunch at the RV, we went and spent a couple hours at the water park.  2 of the slides were closed, so it was only $5 per person, as opposed to $9, lol.  But it was WONDERFUL!  Even Steve and I played in the water, and Jack started to enjoy it, too.  Everyone slid and splashed and laughed for a couple hours, and got worn out. 
Dinner and bed rounded out our day, and we all slept well before getting up Sunday morning to finish our trip to GA!

Rome, Georgia
So, we had decided to get to GA.  It was time.  We went straight through Alabama, with some adventures where the freeway was closed.  Spent all day in the car, saw some gorgeous scenery, and then…there we were.  Rome.  Finally.  Hugs and love all around, so glad to see our friends!  Now to start learning our new home, and enjoying our new life!!!  It’s the end of the journey, but the beginning of another big adventure!
If you’ve followed this far, thank you for joining us in our journey.  I’ll try to keep posting as we settle into our new life, lol, but can’t promise to be very frequent.  I’ll do my best!