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Peek into our life and see how crazy it can get with 6 kids, homeschooling, sewing, and now farming. We're in our first year on the land, and entertaining the world with what we don't know. By the grace of God, we're learning, day by day, so pull up a chair and laugh with us!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New inmates at the crazy farm!

Well, it's been a while since I posted...as usual.  summer, fall, pregnancy...all flew by.  Now it's winter, almost December, and my, how things have changed.
The crazy farm has grown.  In October, we were given 2 Toggenberg does, 2 year old twins.  Sweet gals, and then a couple days later, their good buddy, a Jacob ewe, came to join them.  She was so lonely without them that we were asked if we would like her, too.  We're so glad we said yes, she's just the sweetest thing.  Then, early november, we were given 2 horses!  Both Arabian geldings, from 2 different people.  The kids are just loving this, and learning a lot along the way.
But the most exciting addition (to me, at least, lol) is our newest baby.  Jack was born on 11/12, at 10lbs 6oz.  He's a real snuggle baby, spending most of his time in the mei tai carrier, or in someones arms.  Nurses well, sleeps well (snuggled in my arms, lol), makes plenty of diapers.
So...with luck, I can get to posting more.  I always say that, but it rarely happens.  Maybe, instead of only posting when I have something "interesting" to say...I should just use it like a diary and post every day, and hope something interesting HAPPENS, lol!
So, today...we are starting to get back to routine.  I love cold weather.  Makes me want to cook.  Lunch was easy, ramen and hot cocoa.  Made triple chocolate cookies (chocolate batter with white and chocolate chips) for snack.  Made a double batch of MY cocoa for the fridge (the kids are happy with powdered stuff, but not I.  I drink from scratch only!).  Made a batch of cranberry sauce...because it sounds good.  Sliced the meat and mixed up the au jus for tonights french dip sandwiches, from Saturdays roast beef (instructions at the end).  Sliced up the potatoes for the french fries, now they are soaking in hot water.  Trying a new way of making them, since my deep fryer died. All that AND did some schoolwork with the kids, couple loads of laundry, changed my bed, kept the fire going...  
Now, the cookie recipe is here...http://www.hersheys.com/recipes/recipes-by-type/20/Cookies.aspx?ICID=KH1433  I usually do 1 cup chocolate chips with 1 cup white, but have done 1 cup of pb chips instead of the white, or 2 cups of mint (andes) chips instead of the white...  Always a hit, no matter what I do!
And for the french dip...  I love french dip sandwiches, but have gotten so good at making them that I don't order them in restaurants anymore really.  Make a roast beef for dinner.  Make plenty, to have a good chunk leftover.  Save that, and save the leftover gravy or drippings (make SURE to have leftovers on the gravy, it makes the au jus!).  Next day or two, slice the roast up nice and thin (I have a meat slicer, it helps a LOT for those of us who cook a lot, especially for larger families.  I buy salami in the long tube and slice it myself, etc.  Saves a lot of money!).  Mix up a couple few cups of bullion or beef broth (I like to use beef base from Sams, mixed with water).  Add in the leftover gravy and whisk till smooth.  Pour over the sliced meat, in a big oven safe dish, and heat through.  Serve on toasted buttered sourdough bread, with french fries and some veggies.  I think we're having steamed broccoli with cheese).  Make sure to serve with bowls of au jus.