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Peek into our life and see how crazy it can get with 6 kids, homeschooling, sewing, and now farming. We're in our first year on the land, and entertaining the world with what we don't know. By the grace of God, we're learning, day by day, so pull up a chair and laugh with us!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

getting moving again

So, at almost 15 weeks pg, and still queasy and tired a lot of the time, I have decided that, like it or not, I have to push past this.  To encourage myself, I am going to keep a running list of what I get done today.  Always feels like more when you can SEE it, ya know?
8:40am-So far, we are up and moving WAY earlier than has been our norm the last couple of months.  Lately, if we finished breakfast and chores by 930, it was a good morning.  Today, it's 840, and breakfast and chores are done.  All animals are fed.  I have started a load of laundry, stripped my bed, straightened my bathroom.  Vacuumed the floor (I am ashamed to admit how long that had been since it was done...).  Baking soda'd it, and will vac again in a few minutes.  Kitchen is cleaned up, dishes are soaking.  Everyone is dressed, including Tony, who peed in the POTTY this morning, too!!
As soon as Mariah finishes the catboxes, I will vac the bathroom floor again.  Megan is mowing and weed whacking the fenceline, then we are going to start working on the storage room in the shop.  Having a garage sale in a few weeks with a friend, so need to go through everything and find lots to sell.  AND need to make room in the storage room to move toys and art supplies out there, inaccessible to little hands.
9:17am- vac'd my room again.  Switched laundry.  cleaned the little potty chair, that we never use, for the garage sale.  got new sheets and mattress pad out for my bed (switching from winter to summer pad).  cleaned up floors in family room and kitchen.  tony pottied in the potty AGAIN!  YAY!  Made dr appts for Steve (checkup), Tony (recheck iron), and myself (referral to OB I have chosen) for Friday, Steves day off.  Now at a bit of a standstill till Megan is done outside.  Sent kids out to check all the waterers for the poultry.
10:19-switched more laundry.  hung out the mattress pad to sun and dry. helped Megan fix weed whacker.  She finished.  Letting her rest a bit then we start again!  YAY!!!  Tried to do some computer work, couldn't figure out how to do what I need.  Took Tony potty again, nothing this time.
12 noon.  lunch break.  Working on the shop room.  Finding lots to get rid of, lots to sell.  Have stuff for Steve to look at tonight, too.  And Tony ASKED to use the potty, peed AND pooped in it.  Has been dry all morning.  WOOHOO!
335pm-Done for the day.  Went through EVERYTHING in the storage room.  organized what we kept, and got rid of a TON.  I hope people want books at this garage sale, lol.  Probably a dozen moving boxes of books.  Tomorrow, we start hauling the boxes of kids clothes out there, and move the art supplies. 
AND, I got our book "stores" down to the point where ONE more bookshelf in the house will easily hold all the kid books, and maybe some room for me, too.  That's amazing.  Still have a lot, but I really weeded down a ton.  Have a few boxes to look at when Steve comes home, and need to ok selling the desk with him, but then I can make dinner and kick back for the day.  Good thing, too, because I am exhausted.  About to reward all of us with ice cream cones.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Blog! I found you!!

Oh, blog, I have missed you!  The last few weeks, I have been thinking of you, but I had a computer crash, and couldn't find you!  Aaaaaah, I am back.
So, quick updates on my life...
I am almost 13 weeks pregnant, and morning sickness is ALMOST gone finally.  However, it may take me months to dig out from the mess that happened while I was sick.  Ack!
The garden is getting tilled Friday.  YAY!  I can't wait to plant.  Better late than never, right?  Between the weather, and morning sickness, and then the kids had a stomach bug (that lasted over 2 weeks between the 5 of them...)...
I have chickies!  Alice hatched 11, though she is down to 7 (and one of those is in the brooder with a hurt leg).  Lost one to a water trough, 2 to weakness from birth (they were just never "right") and 2 to who knows what.  I also have 6 cornish cross in the tractor, 3 turkeys and 2 pullet chicks (6 weeks old or so) in the coop, and another 8 pullet chicks in the brooder.  And I need to find some more Polish Crested for the kiddos.
We have a beef calf, too.  He is about 6 weeks also, and quite happy.  Needs to be "steered" soon, though, and moved out to the back pasture.
 I think that is enough for now.  Hopefully can start blogging more, now that I found you!