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Sunday, August 12, 2012


So, I was just reading this blog post...
Warning, it's heartbreaking, and may be shocking to you.  It was to me.
Anyhow, I was thinking about it.  And I agree, that we need a revolution.  But maybe not the type she meant, or maybe not JUST the type she meant.  Maybe, we need a revolution of love.
One of the common objections I hear to outlawing abortion is "What will we do with all those unwanted babies?  Will YOU take them?"  Yes.  Yes, I will.  Hand me your unwanted baby.  I want him or her.  Boy or girl.  Black, white, brown, yellow, purple with pink polkadots, I want her.  Healthy or not, I want him.  Whether you are a stranger, a friend, a relative, an adult, a teen...If you don't want that baby, I do.  And so do thousands upon thousands of others.  Some of them are childless.  Some of them already have large families.  But we want that baby, and would consider ourselves blessed to get him or her.
Maybe we need to SHOW it.  Does anyone remember the signs people used to put in their windows, to show kids that it was a safe house to go to, if anyone was bothering them?  If you saw the sign, you knew you could go there if anyone was following you, bullying you, harassing you, on your way home, etc.
Maybe that's what we need.  A sign we can put in our window, on our car, on our purse, wear on our shirts...  Something to show that there ARE people who want those "unwanted babies", lots of them.  I'd wear it.  Would you?
Maybe we need the government to make it easier for those "unwanted babies" to be adopted by the families who want them, instead of easier to get an abortion.  Maybe we need to get rid of rules limiting how many kids a family can have and still adopt.  Maybe, we need to stand up and say "I want your unwanted baby". 
And maybe, we need to help those girls who really want their baby, but don't see a way.  Help them afford it, help them learn to mother, help them see that they CAN.  Show them that getting pregnant on accident doesn't make the baby a mistake, and that you can't erase a baby like you can a misspelt word in a letter. 
Maybe we need to get loud about the fact that life is valuable, and WE VALUE IT! 

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  1. Thanks for writing this, my friend! I really appreciate your heart and passion for children. I share this with you. I will bring this before God in prayer like never before.