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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feelin' hot, hot, hot!!!

Well, lately here on the Crazy Farm, it's been hot.  VERY hot, since we don't have air conditioner.  Yes, I know, we're probably the only people in the free world without it.  Yes, I have heard all about it.  Anyhow...we haven't any air conditioning.  Well, correction, we have a window one in the master bedroom, but we almost never use it, so.that doesn't count.
So, in the interest of self preservation and not boiling in my own sweat, I'm playing a game called "summer cooking".  I played it last year, but not as well.  It involves cooking as much as possible either on the grill, in the slow cooker, in the nesco, or in the morning so it's cool by the time things start to heat up.
Yesterday, Monday, was the beginning of this session of the game (the weather was nice and cool before that, in the low 90s, lol).  So yesterday, I pulled out the slow cooker and the nesco.  Made granola in the nesco, and then baked cupcakes from scratch in it  Turned out very good, didn't even frost them!  Spaghetti sauce in the crockpot, then all I had to do at dinner time was boil some pasta (not too bad, since I just bring the water to a boil, stick the pasta in, stir, and turn off the heat).
Todays round went just as well.  Baked ziti in the crockpot, made early in the day, stuck in the fridge, then plugged in about an hour before dinner time.  (I have 2 crockpots, btw).  Also made 2 batches of chocolate pudding.  One with Lactaid for Megan and I, the other regular milk.  The regular milk one, I froze in popsicle molds for the kids for snack, which went over well, of course.  And a batch of chocolate syrup to round things off, since we were all out.  Oh, and a batch of krispie treats in the afternoon, in the microwave.
Tomorrow is movie day, so I'm hoping I get my wits about me quickly in the morning.  If so, I'll put a batch of King Ranch Casserole in the crockpot to sit in the fridge till late afternoon.  Otherwise...not sure.  Maybe some chicken and potatoes?  I guess we'll see, lol. 
Btw,for anyone interested, the granola, pudding and chocolate syrup recipes all come from the Hillbilly Housewife website.  I'm a HUGE fan!

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