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Peek into our life and see how crazy it can get with 6 kids, homeschooling, sewing, and now farming. We're in our first year on the land, and entertaining the world with what we don't know. By the grace of God, we're learning, day by day, so pull up a chair and laugh with us!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Settling in

So, it's been a bit, I guess.  Things have been crazy, but good.  We're at a really nice campground, which we are enjoying greatly.  Cheap, lots of room for the kids to run around, a creek to swim in, even a donkey to pet.  We need to work on getting into a better routine, and we're working on finding a church home, but...it's going.
The kids enjoyed VBS a lot.  And they did the library reading program.  Got lots of great prizes.  We're working on using those, slowly, lol.  Still need to get stuff out of storage, but we've got to wait for dryer weather for that.  Really...not much going on.  But, I'll try to post more often again.  I promise!

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